Jazz Suite LLC


We will help you get your song to the place where you can shop it, market it or release it. Our motivated professional staff of gifted musicians will address your vision and work very closely with you to see your project through to the end.

We have an array of talented musicians and singers with range and style that will take your song to another level.

We can mix and master your project to professional quality, whether it’s a demo or pending release, our staff of engineers will return to you the sound and essence that you’re looking for.

  • Recording:        $40 / Hour
  • Mixing:              $45 / Hour
  • Mastering:           $55 / Song
  • CD Copies:           $5 / CD
  • CD Cover Design:     $50 / Panel
  • Audition Video:      Contact us for quote

Not sure where you want to take your project?

We will listen and honestly assess what your musical needs are and direct you in a path to where you need to go. If you’re a songwriter, or an aspiring vocalist, or even a voice artist, we will help you with YOUR recording needs. Trust us, we’ve been there and we are intimately acquainted with the struggles of an independent musician.

The Vocal Booth

  • Bring instrumental track
  • Come in and record vocal
  • In-house mix and master will be delivered within 5 days

$75 / Song

The Demo Package

  • Music Production
  • Vocal Production:
    • Leads
    • Backgrounds
    • Sync
    • Commercials
  • In-House Mix and Master
  • Customized CD Cover Design

$250 – $300 / Song

The Release Package

  • Music Production
  • Vocal Production:
  • In-House Mix and Master
  • Customized CD Cover Design (if you have your own photos)
  • Guide you through the process of releasing and uploading your music.

$350 – $600 / Song